25 most valuable brands in the world

Brand value: $ 58.5 billion
Change for the year: + 4%
Spending on advertising: $ 4 billion


Coca-Cola sales in the US increased by 0.1% in 2014. But even this small increase was essential for the company, since it is the first since 2000, Coca-Cola sales in the domestic market. In May 2015 Coca-Cola ceased production in Russia Coca-Cola Light and brought to the Russian market other low-calorie drink Coca-Cola Zero. Over the past 15 years, sales of drinks under the brand Coca-Cola in Russia increased four times and reached 859.1 million liters in 2014, resulting in the publication Canadean data. The company’s share in the carbonated soft drink market has grown from 9% to 18.5%. But in 2014, Russian sales of Coca-Cola accounted for only 1.1%, despite the fact that in 2012 the increase was 19.6% and in 2013 – 10.3%. In the first quarter of 2015 total sales of Coca-Cola fell in real terms by 7-8% in Russia.