10 of the world’s most luxurious aircraft

Interestingly, the Wright Brothers would think about modern aircraft? They were happy to fly up into the sky equivalent toothpicks glued together and imagine what heights might not be able to reach people in the future. Of course, the real genius of flight lies in the fact that the engineers reached behind the scenes of beautiful interiors of aircraft.

Planes have become more secure, able to fly long distances, more economical in terms of fuel consumption and more elegant than before. However, only recently, the airline began to realize what a luxury available to wealthy clients on the ground, we can offer and in the air. At the moment, the idea of luxury in the air is not only possible, but is becoming a popular method of travel for those who can afford it.
Some planes from this list can offer the most incredible amenities which you can imagine. They have a shower, luxury bathrooms and everything about what can only dream of. There are even some passenger planes, which for a tidy sum a person can fly for long distances in style and never remember the flight to close the cabin. Is there such aircraft the opportunity to take a hand tiger – it is not specified. However, it is possible that this feature become standard in the future. We present to you the 10 most luxurious aircraft in the world.

10. Aircraft Jackie Chan «Embraer Legacy 650»
As with yourself Jackie Chan, with his airplane joke not worth it. The aircraft is fully equipped for a person who does a lot of flights, Jackie Chan.

He can not stop fly very long distances, which helps companies manage his Chan. In addition, the aircraft seat is completely lowered, the passenger was able to lie down and sleep, or sit down and work smoothly.

Besides this, Chan always everything at hand. What are not present at the aircraft Jackie Chan? Kulakov.