10 of the world’s most luxurious aircraft

1. «Air Force One»

10 10 — копия
Who has more luxury than the president of the United States? In contrast to all these rich oil barons, movie stars, athletes and actors, who themselves were paying for their own planes, allows the president stupid taxpayers to pay their bills. Thus, the president is not just fun for fun on this plane, but people more and pay him for it.

This aircraft has all the standard luxury features such as a large space for the legs, a bedroom and telecommunications equipment. However, it differs in that it is bulletproof, and also the fact that he does not have to stop to refill fuel. Fuel is actually driving up to him when he was still in the air. The plane even has a place for the presidential limousine. In addition, in contrast to all other aircraft in the US presidential plane has room operational meetings.