Top 10 most powerful army in the world

If you ask, what is considered the most powerful army in the world, as a rule, followed by the answer: the army of the United States of America. This issue is not in doubt because there is no doubt the influence that the US has on all countries of the world community. We introduce to you the top 10 most powerful and the most powerful army in the world.

10. Japan


Despite the fact that after the Second World War, the Japanese army was reduced significantly and continues to fall under the prohibition of the increase in the excess of a certain minimum necessary for the defense, the army is very effective. Japanese owned one of the world’s best anti-ballistic systems, moreover, have a powerful navy. The whole army of well organized, equipped, and not for nothing is one of the strongest armies in the world.

9. Israel

Although geographically Israel is very low, his army is known as one of the most well-organized armies in the world, equipped with the latest military technology and engineering. The Israeli army is known for its counter-intelligence and a high level of discipline it has the most modern types of weapons. Strong links with the US and the UK give this army of extra weight.
8. Germany

The most powerful army, located on the third place on the characteristics of the ground troops and inferior in this index only Russia and India. Germany also has a powerful air fleet. The staff of the highest level of discipline differ, moreover, no wonder the German military in the world are characterized as “cold war machines.” Despite the defeat in the last two wars, the army revived and occupies a strong position in the world ranking.

7. United Kingdom

The main power of the British army of its navy. Also, the UK has a strong air force has a nuclear weapon. The alliance with the US and NATO military makes this one of the strongest in Europe.
6. North Korea

According to the number that is one of the strongest armies in the world ranked third in the world, despite the fact that the territory of North Korea is small. The population has a high level of military culture and national identity, that is a powerful unifying factor. There is evidence that the country is currently lead their own development of weapons of mass destruction, a nuclear capability. From this information it can be concluded that the North Korean army has a very significant technological and military potential.

5. France

The French army is considered one of the most moschnyh armies in the world. Personnel – three hundred thousand people. A separate source of pride of France – its air force, which are comparable in strength to the BBC any other army in the world, except the United States and Russia. French Army also has nuclear weapons.
4. India

Here the situation is similar with China in many ways. The Indian army also numerous, due to the large number of the population, although the army inferior to the Chinese experience and level of education. In recent years, the economy and technology in India are developing literally giant strides, Indian experts were allowed in addition to its own development to create weapons of the latest Russian technologies. This is – another country with a nuclear arsenal.

3. China

In terms of the number of personnel – the very largest army in the world, it has two and a half million people with the ability to call five percent of the population, which amounts to sixty million – a figure due to the high population of the country, comparable only with India. As you know, China has a lot of military arrangements and agreements with Russia, which significantly increases its military potential. Do not forget about the fact that China – a nuclear power, has adopted a nuclear weapon. Currently, the active growth of the economy can be the key to China’s output in the first place, but now they are third among the strongest and most powerful armies in the world.
2. Russia

Very powerful army, the second in the list. It has a highly developed military technology, is characterized as the most powerful land army in the world. In addition, a large and powerful navy, including a fearsome nuclear submarines. Air force power comparable to the US Air Force. The Russian army has nuclear capability, according to the power and comparable to the US. It is also worth mentioning developed anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic systems. The staff of the army – more than a million people. Here, Russia can be a second, but it is the largest country in the world.

1. United States

The most powerful and the powerful army of the world, it has military bases in almost the whole territory of the globe. The country has invested nearly a third of gross income to the development of military technologies and weapons. The army has almost a half million personnel in assets and two million reserve, is equipped with the most modern military equipment, constantly rearming. Add to this a huge nuclear potential, and you get the power, comparable only with the help of Russia. Impressive as the US naval fleet, has dozens of aircraft carriers. It follows that the military and the country’s air fleet – one of the largest in the world.