10 of the world’s most luxurious aircraft

5. «Gulfstream G650»

6 6 — копия
Why Transformers choose only be useful in vehicles? They tend to duplicate as a diesel truck, ambulance, and even fighter. How do you like the following idea for a new transformer? One of the transformers will duplicate «Gulfstream G650»? He certainly will not be the same as the leader Optimus Prime, because he does not want to spoil your equivalent of a one-room apartment. Instead of guns, it would probably be champagne splashing into the eyes of their enemies. And his usual phrase is something like: “Well, Caruthers, please, could you attack these enemies on my behalf?”

A walk through the cabin of the «Gulfstream», you can immediately understand why of it would have made a lousy transformer. Some models allow passengers to gently move from the comfortable armchairs in bed, making flights even more enjoyable. Not clearly only one such transformer would be joined to the Autobots or Decepticons?