25 most valuable brands in the world

2. Google
Brand value: $ 82.5 billion
Change for the year: + 26%
Spending on advertising: $ 3.2 billion


Google is still the major search engines in the United States. In April 2016 the European Commission has accused Google of violating antitrust laws. The investigation department has taken more than a year. Officially it was announced April 15, 2015. April 20 the EC has sent Google a formal notice of claims. Attention EC attracted to Android application developers, has complained of discrimination By Google. One of the complaints came from the Russian “Yandex”.

Earlier, the case against Google on the application “Yandex” has opened the FAS Russia. The Russian company has complained that Google is dictating its terms to manufacturers of mobile devices based on Android, breaking antitrust rules in February 2015. In autumn 2015, FAS found Google guilty of violating antitrust laws. Office enacted the American company to eliminate the violations.

Nevertheless, on May 12, Google for the first time in the history of the United States became the most expensive company, trading on the stock exchange NASDAQ. At the opening of trading the company’s capitalization was $ 493 billion. Since the beginning, the Internet search engine has reduced capitalization by 4.5%, and he managed to bypass Apple simply because the latter paper became cheaper even faster.