TOP-8 the best beaches in Egypt

8. Beach in El Gouna

The beaches of El Gouna, probably the most unusual, and they can also be attributed to the most attractive beaches of Egypt. They are scattered on different islands of small size, between which have been established on the ferry boat. Many of them relate neatly bridges. Beaches islets in various more or less different from each other.

So it is close to the city and the island Zitouna Mongruvi Beach. Both beaches are well equipped and full of resort infrastructure. Many cafes, bars, showers, changing rooms and other. The first well-developed football and volleyball, the second, in addition to this the surfing.

Removed from the town of Tawila Island and Global-Aylen. The first of its size is small, the second vice versa – a major. What unites them untouched wildlife, and a complete lack of beach infrastructure. But they are a great place in Egypt for a quiet secluded holiday. Go to the beach Tawila Island Dolphins often swim, and Global-developed Aylen island snorkeling.

Now that you know about the best beaches of Egypt, make your selection to your taste, and spend an unforgettable vacation!