TOP-8 the best beaches in Egypt

5. Dahab Beaches

The beaches of this resort are very different from other beautiful beaches of Egypt. Here, sand and rocky shore. Log into the water hampered corals. But the strongest contrast – a small number of umbrellas, deck chairs and other luxury inherent in other resort coast.

The beauty of the beaches of Dahab, in the other – in a whirlwind of events that surrounds this place. There are few vacationers lazily sunbathing on the loungers. And even the floor mats with pillows, issued to tourists, usually empty. Dahab Beach is the place partying and passion lovers ride the wave. Yes, here are the best beaches in Egypt for surfing! Weather conditions contribute to increasing the number of windsurfers, who can not leave such a paradise. No less popular and diving, and not sail away from the coast. A few meters from the coast for those who want to find a sunken treasure opens the mysterious underwater world.

In general, the beaches of Dahab – a beautiful nature in its original, intact and active people retreat.