TOP-8 the best beaches in Egypt

3. Beaches Hurghada

Hurghada is one of the oldest and best resorts in Egypt, and therefore the beaches are the most luxurious and furnished. They are gentle, sheltered clean sand. It is convenient to go to the input, the input is not difficult corals. Climatic conditions slightly worse than at other resorts of Egypt. It’s cold and windy, as a consequence of the lack of protecting mountains. In this sea of Hurghada pretty quiet.

The best beaches of the Egyptian resort are divided into classes. There are several luxury, with a developed beach infrastructure. There are even installed wind screens next to the sunbeds. The cost of entry for such beaches, of course, is not cheap.

There are also more budget options, which is also present all the beach paraphernalia (umbrellas, deckchairs), and water activities. In Hurghada beaches distributed between the hotels, but there are urban. Some hotels along the beaches and coral reefs possess, giving them the guest the opportunity to enjoy watching the marine life.