TOP-8 the best beaches in Egypt

2. The beaches of Sharm El-Sheikh

The resort of Sharm El-Sheikh is dominated by coral beaches. Directly from the coast begins the diversity of marine life, which is so famous Red Sea. Also the beaches in Sharm characterized by a small width. They are mostly multi-level, which gives them a special flavor. Regardless of what has to go down to the sea on the stairs, stay in this place great Egypt.

Corals slowness in 20 or even 50 meters from the sandy strip – a beautiful sight, but significantly impede entry into the water. Hotels, which appeared at the beginning of the resort building, destroying corals and organize for its guests a sandy slope into the sea. Those who do not have time to do the same, looking for other ways to protect their guests.

From the beaches of many hotels are already equipped with pontoons, which are located on the open sea beyond the reef. The rest of the hotels is limited to the issuance of special shoes.