The most expensive cars in the world – Top 10

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The next place is the car of director Roberto Rossellini, the Ferrari 375 MM Coupe Scaglietti (1954) The director is in good standing with the company-developer of the brand. His garage was the perfect home for a Ferrari 250 MM and 166.212.


The car in question, worth 4.8 million dollars. What keeps it inside?

the highest speed of 280 kilometers per hour
acceleration to 100 km / h is available in 7 seconds
4522 cm3 engine with 330 hp
RWD drive
907 kg.
Alien Machine Roberto has served faithfully for many years. It is on it, he traveled every day. But the sad accident caused damage to the global front. Because Rossellini sent her to the factory. Soon cars acquired a fresh look, thanks to the work of the new professional Scaglietti. As a result, the stallion bought coupe in a year, an oval grille, upper part of the body, similar to Mercedec-Benz 300SL. The rear part has become more rounded, and the front wings have received large gills. Now the cars began to look more severe. Red leather interior, a large gas tank – all the things that just need a fan of high-quality machines.