10 fastest motorcycles in the world


In second place is the brother by blood MTT Turbine Superbike. In fact, the bike is not much different from that which we have described to you above. Why he is in second place, but not the third? It’s all about improving the characteristics, namely:

Power 310 kW
max speed of 402 kilometers per hour.
the weight of the engine 61 kg.




The fastest motorcycle in the world
It – Dodge Tomahawk. The best of the best. That it is seen in its most vivid dreams of fans of motorcycles. The more powerful the bike just scary to imagine. It is incredible in all of its features and specifications.
Let us consider in detail the features of this iron horse. First of all, four wheels catch the eye, rather than two.
In total there are 10 such instances in the world. By the way, nine of them have already been sold. Price – 555 000 dollars. For the money you can buy an expensive and a luxury car. Motorcycle weighs as much as 680 kilograms.

ten-engine car Dodge Viper
500 hp
up to 100 kilometers per hour can be dispersed in just 1.8 seconds
maximum speed of 480 kilometers per hour.
This bike is a champion for many years. And apparently, not soon find a worthy replacement of this monster. I would also like to note that each wheel is equipped with its own suspension.
Of course, all of these motorcycles are crazy money. But for most bikers it – no problem. After all, their stories are the most favorite and relatives in the world.
You can not answer the question why so many people fanateyut of these compact vehicles, because there is no surround the trunk, a small child in the back seat can not fasten and so on? We will try to complete our rating to explain to you. What are the advantages of the bike?

Compactness. The bike more maneuverable at low speeds, you can have a great ride even on the narrowest track where the car is necessary to go round.
Seasons. In the summer the bike – it is not only extreme, speed, and increased comfort. Do you feel a connection with nature, you do not hot.
Traffic jams. The eternal problem of motorists. Late for work because of traffic jams, late for an important meeting for the same reason. There’s nothing you can do. Some drivers even have to throw your car to go down into the subway. On a motorcycle you will have time anytime and anywhere.
Some bike lovers, this is – a kind of romance. The girl in the helmet, which hugs the biker … The eternal romantic idyll and even a cinema.
On one parking space for a car, you can easily put the 3 or 4 bikes.
A kind of savings, since fuel motorcycle eats much less.
If you have some knowledge of mechanics, the repair or upgrade your bike will be much easier. The bike does not require too much time. The reason for that – most of the details are on the outside.
Smell. Again, nature and romance. You do not enjoy the smell of “Christmas trees”, which hangs or cologne, and natural aromas.
As practice shows, the motorcycle has a positive effect on the coordination of the movements. sense of balance bikers developed well.
And of course, the bike is much cheaper than machines.
Of course, there are also disadvantages. Again, the lack of luggage. The whole family at the sea, you can not go. Many people believe that the stories are very dangerous for life. It’s true. But in fact, bikers – is a very neat people who understand that they can not just mash biker, and risking their lives.

In fact, we have thoroughly reviewed the issue for those people who are not fans of iron horses. These bikers never will compare car with a motorcycle. For them, this comparison is simply incomprehensible and inappropriate.

Recalling once again the most expensive items in the world, we would have done such a conclusion. It makes no sense to pay exorbitant amounts of money for a brand or a crazy speed. Safety first. Calm and measured driving is not only able to deliver a person at the right time and the right place, but also completely secure. To anything to ride at top speed. Exception – a professional race, which show his skills are the people who have studied this work over many years, and are constantly trained.