10 fastest motorcycles in the world


The golden mean in our ranking – MV Agusta F4 CC. Creator of this bike is considered to be popular all over the world designer Massimo Tamburini. He is also known for its developments in the Ducati 916.
Newbie bike saw the light at the SCS in 1998. The engine here will please the most demanding and picky biker, thanks to liquid-cooled 16-valve cylinders and 4eh. General characteristics:

max speed of 306 m / s
Engine power 200 hp
the working volume of 1078 cm3.

Steel Horse for brutal men
It – Suzuki Hayabusa. The bike was presented to the fans back in 1999. But because the developers fault-finding, he has repeatedly been subjected to modifications and completions. Currently, Suzuki can safely assume that the fastest production motorcycle. Description:

the working volume of 1349 cc
197 hp
maximum speed of 327 kilometers per hour
fuel tank – 21 liters
electronically limited.



By the way, the last point is set in 2001, but not immediately at release. Speed – 299 kilometers per hour.
Suzuki is different from other competitors with its unique and unmistakable design. It’s all about exploring wind. By the way, thanks to this feature, the bike perfectly behaves on the road.

Length – 2.2 meters
width – 74 centimeters
height – 1.2 meters.
So, one of the winners. In third place is the motorcycle MTT Turbine Superbike. Red, strong, responsible and brutal … With these words difficult to confine, because it will tell you the features and options that are truly amazing.
This bike is worth as much as 200 000 dollars. For a year developers have released a total of five copies.

Motorcycle Power 239 kW
52 thousand revolutions per minute
gas turbine engine Rolls Royce-Allison
two-stage gearbox
Also exclusive detail is the rear camera display zhidkrokristallicheskim. And the iron horse weighs 227 kg. The maximum speed that can develop on this bike – 364 kilometers per hour.