10 fastest motorcycles in the world

Who loves motorcycles? Chances are those people who can not live without freedom and speed. Happy owners of motorcycles often refer to their transport, as a best friend, calling him the “iron horse”. Some fans call their trucks diminutive names. In any case, each of these people enjoy the sound of the motor. Competition in motorynke growing. Special jump was noticeable in 2000. Companies have started to compete in the production of motorcycles with turbines. The reason – an extra bonus for speed. Just a year later, it was decided to secure trips svom fans, thanks to electronics. But as all people different opinion, then stayed manufacturers, whose design is not limited to electronics. We want to acquaint you with the rating of the fastest motorcycles. There are those models that have limitations in speed, and opposite to them. This rating will be interesting not only simple inhabitants who want to expand their horizons, and especially it will come to the liking of fans of iron horses. You will be able to discuss these models with their friends who travel with you.

On the 10th place in our ranking is the Ducati 1098. This is – a sports bike, which features a powerful engine. What can he give to his master?

3 seconds to develop a speed of 0 to 100 m / s
weight 173 kg
maximum speed of 290 kilometers per hour
Engine 119 kW, 160 hp
This sports vehicles under development since 2006. The appearance attracts every man. Silver-black horse with red stripes – everything you need for a sporty and modern style. Developers also make periodic changes in design that help and give a chance to win the championship motorcycling.

Popular Honda
Another sport bike – Honda Blackbird CBR1100XX. Motorcycle was developed back in 1996, but he is still in great demand. Honda’s designers wanted to create greater competition Kawasaki Ninja ZX-11. This iron horse will please the host the following characteristics:

weight 225 kg
maximum speed of 290 kilometers per hour
Power 155 hp
Here we have the advanced Japanese technology.