Top 11 most expensive and the best yachts in the world

9. Al Said – $ 300 million

The owner of 155-meter ship made of steel – Qaboos bin Said. “Business Insider” said that the capital of the Sultan of Oman is almost $ 1.1 billion.

The vessel is equipped with a helicopter pad, a concert hall and a cinema. “Al Said” was released in 2007.

Al Said is a luxurious megayacht belonging to the Sultan of Oman Qaboos. The ship was built under the code name Sunflower. At present, it is the heaviest superyacht in the world with a displacement of 15,850 tons, the most powerful with diesel engines delivering 22,000 hp. And the fourth in the list of the longest motor yachts.

Kabus bin Saeed Al Said – Sultan of Oman and governorates. He came to power after the overthrow of his father Said bin Taymur as a result of the palace coup in 1970 and is a descendant of the 14th generation of the founder of the Al Bu Saidi dynasty.
Al Said, a motor yacht 155 meters in length, was launched by the L├╝rssen shipyard in Bremen in September 2007, and at that time became the second longest yacht in the world. The yacht was completed in a few months and delivered to owners in 2008. This magnificent yacht has an exterior designed by Espen Oeino with interior design from Redman Whitely Dixon.
Al Said Megayacht with a steel casing and aluminum superstructure is capable of reaching 25 knots, with an operating speed of 22 knots. Layout Al Said offers a luxurious holiday for 70 guests, which will serve up to 154 team members to ensure full relaxation on board the yacht.