5 most beautiful coastal towns in England

England can not be attributed to hot countries, so a beach holiday it is not popular. Most Englishmen in search of the hot sun running podalee from their country, but would still like some of the city by the sea deserve our attention.



Weymouth is renowned for sailing winds, and therefore it is very often organizes sailing races and other water sports on outdoor sports. A huge city beach is very clean and favorable for families with young children and elderly.

But this does not mean that it lacks nightlife. In the alleys of the historical center there are many small pubs and clubs where you can have a great evening. At the same time there are many places of special tourist interest: such as Portland Bill lighthouse, Pavilion Theatre and Portland Castle.

Set in Yorkshire and has two of the few beautiful beaches with golden sand in the United Kingdom. This commercial city of England with the picturesque harbor and the fishing boats. Movement here never stops. Professional fishermen come and go, to take the treasures of the sea and offer them throughout the country.

When you’ve had enough fun in the small seaside restaurants, it is necessary to know the other side of the city, which is set in the historic center. Also, there is a railway that on the rocks above the sea shore, and involves a very interesting journey.
Isle of Wight

It is the largest island in the channel region, separated from the mainland by the Strait of the Solent. This resort island today is of interest among young people coming from the boards, windsurfing, and other travelers who love contrasts.

Recent justified by the fact that the island has beautiful beaches for all tastes, and within the country, you can find authentic landscapes of British countryside with picturesque villages and fabulous houses that make a vacation in England just wonderful.

A favorite place of the poet T.S.Eliota. Stay on the golden sands of Margate is impossible to compare with anything. Of course, with the 20-ies, when Eliot visited the coastal city, it has changed significantly. What has not changed, so is the atmosphere.

He has a magical way to combine a cool sea breeze with a dark feeling, obtained mainly from Victorian architecture, but also often on cloudy sky.

The city is located on the northern coast of the island of Thanet. The population is 58465 people (2001).

Margaret was founded in 1254 under the name Meregate, in 1293 renamed Margaret. Sea port. Well preserved city center with monuments of Victorian architecture.
Of great interest is the underground Grotto shells (Shell Grotto), discovered in 1835.

The main source of income of citizens is a tourist service.

Welcome to Mabltorp great city to relax by the sea on the coast of Lincolnshire.

Its sandy beaches have been awarded Blue Flag. With more than four miles of continuous shoreline Mabltorp and Sutton will offer something for everyone.

Mablethorpe is a small seaside town in the East Lindsey district of Lincolnshire, England. The population of the town (including Sutton) was 12,531 at the 2011 census.

Mablethorpe as a town has existed for many centuries, although part of it was lost to the sea in the 1540s. For example, records of the Fitzwilliam family of Mablethorpe Hall date back to the 14th century. In the 19th century it was also a centre for ship breaking during the winter. Mablethorpe Hall is to the west of the town along Alford Road. It is near the parish church of St Mary (the Mablethorpe church group also includes Trusthorpe).