Top 10 most powerful army in the world

2. Russia

Very powerful army, the second in the list. It has a highly developed military technology, is characterized as the most powerful land army in the world. In addition, a large and powerful navy, including a fearsome nuclear submarines. Air force power comparable to the US Air Force. The Russian army has nuclear capability, according to the power and comparable to the US. It is also worth mentioning developed anti-aircraft and anti-ballistic systems. The staff of the army — more than a million people. Here, Russia can be a second, but it is the largest country in the world.

1. United States

The most powerful and the powerful army of the world, it has military bases in almost the whole territory of the globe. The country has invested nearly a third of gross income to the development of military technologies and weapons. The army has almost a half million personnel in assets and two million reserve, is equipped with the most modern military equipment, constantly rearming. Add to this a huge nuclear potential, and you get the power, comparable only with the help of Russia. Impressive as the US naval fleet, has dozens of aircraft carriers. It follows that the military and the country’s air fleet — one of the largest in the world.