Top 10 most powerful army in the world

4. India

Here the situation is similar with China in many ways. The Indian army also numerous, due to the large number of the population, although the army inferior to the Chinese experience and level of education. In recent years, the economy and technology in India are developing literally giant strides, Indian experts were allowed in addition to its own development to create weapons of the latest Russian technologies. This is — another country with a nuclear arsenal.

3. China

In terms of the number of personnel — the very largest army in the world, it has two and a half million people with the ability to call five percent of the population, which amounts to sixty million — a figure due to the high population of the country, comparable only with India. As you know, China has a lot of military arrangements and agreements with Russia, which significantly increases its military potential. Do not forget about the fact that China — a nuclear power, has adopted a nuclear weapon. Currently, the active growth of the economy can be the key to China’s output in the first place, but now they are third among the strongest and most powerful armies in the world.