The most expensive cars in the world — Top 10

The most expensive car in the world — a dream or unnecessary wrapping? Many men simply can not imagine their life without a car, and sometimes the modern woman does not lag behind the stronger s##. They can also be great to drive, and some self-repair his favorite car.  Some people treat their units, as best friends. Someone comes up with their diminutive nicknames. In any case, our lives would not have a car-free. Below we look at the most expensive cars in the world and their features.


At the last place is the Ferrari SP12 EC 2012 release. Cost — 4.75 million dollars. Yes, you read that right. This is — really the cheapest car in our list. Design is a reflection of the Ferrari 512 BB. The sole owner of this machine — Eric Clapton, the world famous musician. It is he who commissioned the development of the car. Maximum speed — 325 kilometers per hour. It weighs as much as 1330 kg. The machine has a RWD drive and the motor in 4499 cm3. The style is taken from the distant 70’s. Well-known musician and puzzled developer 12-cylinder power unit. But, unfortunately, this proved to be an impossible mission. Because in the arsenal of sports stallion — 4, 5-liter eight-cylinder engine. Bright red car with smooth transitions to black and 570 horsepower looks like a real candy. And filling it will please everyone.