TOP-6 the most beautiful beaches in India

India is a diverse country, which has a large area of land with a vast coastline, making it unique. India is famous for its unspoiled beaches clean. Some of them have become very popular, while others still remain intact.

For those who like to soak up the sun, represent seven of the best destinations for a beach holiday in India.

Lakshadvipskimi island

Lakshadvipskimi islands are not very popular beach destination, but that’s what makes them even more attractive. 36 islands located in the Arabian Sea in southern India. Populated only 11 of them, and they are famous for its coral reefs.

The beaches here are very romantic, as they are solitary and without well-developed infrastructure. A few high-end hotels and other budget accommodation options in bamboo huts at an affordable price.

Night life is almost nonexistent here, so it’s a great place for those wishing to spend a quiet secluded beach holiday.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

These islands are located in the south-eastern part of the Bay of Bengal. The number of inhabited islands is about 40 out of 570 in the two groups together.

Known for its tranquil surroundings, white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, seashells and pearls. These islands have a rural environment with affordable housing.

However, it should be noted, the rest are relatively more expensive than the above Lakshadvipskimi islands or in other popular tourist destinations of India.