Shocking plastic surgery fails




#13 – Jian Feng Sues Wife Over Ugly Children

A man from China named Jian Feng sued his wife (and won) after noticing that their children had his wife’s old features— something that he wasn’t aware of until recently.
Plastic surgery can change your outward appearance, but it certainly can’t change you on the inside. Your DNA will retain its old features even if you already had a new nose installed.
I’m going to tell you a little story that’s related to the photo. I have a friend who had some work done during her college years and she didn’t tell her husband about it. After she gave birth to their son, she saw that the baby got her old nose— which raised a lot of questions from her husband. So, lesson learned: be honest with your spouse if you’ve had work done. This could be grounds for divorce or annulment, and come on, have mercy on your future children.