Shocking plastic surgery fails




#1 – Hang Mioku

This one made me speechless and sad at the same time.
Hang Mioku was a once a beautiful Korean model. Hang was obsessed with having soft skin, so much so that she became addicted to silicone injections. When her doctors refused to give her anymore of them, she tried injecting cooking oil and silicone from the black market into her face. Well, her doctors were the good kind—because they were starting to get concerned after they’ve noticed that he face got enlarged after the injections.
This left her permanently disfigured. Despite the many corrective surgeries, Hang still has a very scarred and swollen face. At this point, the damage done by her self-surgeries have become irreparable. Even Hang’s own parents couldn’t recognize her when they first saw what happened to her.
I cannot stress this enough— research is your best friend before doing anything about your appearance.