Shocking plastic surgery fails




#2 – Amanda Lepore

There are different stages of getting plastic surgery done.
It’s a scary thing to undergo because of all the sharp objects, but it is a small sacrifice for the ultimate goal of being beautiful. Then there’s Amanda Lepore (who is just a divinely talented queen, really) who had too much fillers put in her cheeks and lips.
When was contouring discovered?
Because she could have definitely benefited from it without going to a doctor. Also, her lips take me back to my childhood— back when I used to get those wax lips, “candy” that taste like a scented candle.
Amanda has spoken up about how painful her transformation was, and I honestly think she didn’t need any of those drastic measures like having her ribs broken to appear thinner. I know that beauty is pain, but that doesn’t mean that it should be a suicide mission for perfection.