Shocking plastic surgery fails




#3 – Donatella Versace

Now, Donatella Versace used to be a pretty lady.
I just don’t think she was able to uhm, get enough time to maintain her looks. I’ve previously called her Donatello (after a reptilian mutant teenager or a Renaissance painter, pick your poison) countless of times because of this.
This is clear proof that anything of too much can be bad for you.
I can’t exactly pinpoint the work that she’s had done, but I am going to say that excess tanning has not helped her cause at all. Donatella practically looks like a dried-up prune now because of excessive tanning and too many botched procedures. The only thing she says about her looks?
“I’m not like this genetically, I use tons of cream and take care of my hair and skin.”
So Donatella thinks she looks good — wow! Well, I do applaud her for her status as a self-made woman. At least there’s that.