Before and After Makeup Celebs: Good, Bad, and the Ugly!

#9 A Washed Out Kelly Clarkson

Oh man, we hate doing this, because who doesn’t love former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson? However, with ultra-bleached locks, the singer is way too washed out without makeup.



Clarkson’s strong features could likely stand out fine on their own. Meaning, she would still be a knockout without makeup…until she bleached her hair that is.

Super-blonde hair completely washes her out and she needs some face paint to liven things up a bit. Her five-minute face for blond hair should include foundation, lip color, a soft bronzer and mascara. Even though this isn’t her best look, we give her props for somehow looking washed out and youthful at the same time. She looks like a 16 year-old about to get her driver’s license!