16 interesting facts that you did not know about the actors ‘Game of Thrones’ (16 photos)

4. Naked in the cave was not Kit Harrington (Jon Snow)

Remember the episode in which John Snow and Igritt retire in a cave? A bare ass Snow? So, at the time of shooting this scene Keith Harrington injured his ankle and asked to find an understudy. The shooting team found a man, like Harrington, though, he had to cut his long hair under the hair of the hero and expose you. But what a scene out!


3. Sarah Connor x2

Many people know that the actress Emilia Clarke Game of Thrones starred as Sarah Connor in the Terminator franchise last «Terminator: Genesis». But you could not see another funny coincidence. Actress Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, was also Sarah Connor in the short-lived TV series Fox «Terminator: The Battle for the Future».