16 interesting facts that you did not know about the actors ‘Game of Thrones’ (16 photos)

6. Peter Vaughan (Meister Eamon) really is blind

Peter Vaughan was born in 1923, he worked on the stage, received notoriety for the role of police officers or Soviet agents. Even in his ’93, being partially blind, he gets a new role!

Peter Vaughan is an English character actor, known for many supporting roles in a variety of British film and television productions. He has also worked extensively on the stage.


5. Temzin Merchant almost got the role of Khalis

Hard to believe, but initially the role of Daenerys Targaryen was approved Temzin Merchant, which is then replaced by Emilia Clarke. Merchant became known for her role as Catherine Howard in the television series «The Tudors.»