16 interesting facts that you did not know about the actors ‘Game of Thrones’ (16 photos)

Season 6 «Game of Thrones» watched by millions of viewers around the world, we still see a lot of surprises and twists of fate in the life of your favorite heroes. But the actors themselves, who played the role in the popular TV series, of interest to the public. 13 These facts may surprise you. Just do not ask where these nuggets of information. Our birds are everywhere!

16. Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo) starred in «Baywatch»



Khal Drogo and the Dothraki his fear of water, but not Jason Momoa. Before «Game of Thrones» actor played the role of a lifeguard in «Baywatch», and soon will be a new film «Justice League,» directed by Zack Snyder, in which Momoa played the role of Aquaman.