15 unusual hobby movie stars

«When are some toys, what, I wonder, do they play?» — Asked the heroes of children’s cartoon. We’re a little change everything that phrase and ask: what do the actors at the time, when you do not learn the role, not suing paparazzi and do not fly to the shooting? In the end, what are the giant fees movie stars? We remember only a few examples of hobbies of actors and actresses who are helping the stars to relax, unwind, and sometimes seriously posorilis money.

Ben Affleck


Having a lot of money available for entertainment, you can afford to pull something on gambling. Ben Affleck, however, the man is too serious to be a waste, so the roulette wheel, one-armed bandit and bones he prefers poker and even considered to be a very successful player in the professional environment. Affleck’s greatest achievement was the victory of the tournament with a prize of the State of California of 365 thousand dollars. But not only the serious games known Ben, together with his friends he was happy to participate in charity. For example, all the money from the poker competition among the stars, among which, besides Affleck were even Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio, have been distributed for educational funds.