12 fans who were able to win the hearts of their Hollywood idols

Inaccessibility of Hollywood stars — one of the most important rules of the industry. Throughout the actors, actresses, directors, producers, accompanied by guards, they rest in private clubs, flying charters and holds a closed meeting in the VIP-lodges of restaurants. It would seem, to get close to this bastion is not easy, but before true love nothing can stand. Do not be surprised that sometimes the main Hollywood beauties marry simple waitresses or hairdresser — is full of such examples, as he tried to protect the security of its customers. We remember only a few examples of what the princes and princesses are not so inaccessible — maybe your you still waiting for?

Luciana Barroso and Matt Damon

We can not say that a native of Argentina Luciana Barroso was looking for any opportunity to jump to marry a star — with his favorite actor Matt Damon, she met almost by accident. Filmed in Miami in the movie «Stuck on You» Damon in a break between shifts looked into a local bar, where Barroso was pouring drinks. According to the actor, his love pierced after the first glance at the Luciani, and she and not chayala such happiness. Two years later the couple formalize relations and today a happy family is enriched by three common children.