10 most expensive watches in the world

The combination of platinum and gold
Paris Precision Stopwatch by Breguet & Fils was sold in August 1814 in London for 5000 francs. It took a lot of time. And again they bought in 2012 for US $ 4,682,165 for the special. Hours are 18karatnoe gold, platinum and precious stones. This — the first of its kind chronometer by Breguet. Hours are stored in the arsenal and the dial with Roman and Arabic numerals.

The next place in our ranking are exclusive pocket watch has two dials. Patek Philippe Caliber 89, released only 4 copies. However, these products differ from each other. The body of each copy is made in a unique color:

yellow gold
pink gold
White gold
Just imagine the time spent on the production of watches already 9 years. Each product consists of 1728 parts with 33 and 126 function gemstones. Weight and you will be surprised — 1.1 kg. It has everything and even more: a thermometer, a chime, a map of the sky, the moon phase indicator, calendar, chronograph. Price hours — 5 million dollars.